Flawed Mom Too

Flawed Mom Too

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Author Amber Farrar believes it is important to pour into other women in a meaningful way.  She is bringing co-authors together to collaborate on a book.

Flawed Mom Too is a collaborative book of stories and letters from 17 smart, courageous, and ambitious women who break the perfection mold set in place by society.  The author and co-authors raise awareness for women by sharing their personal paths and experiences of womanhood.  

Who is a Flawed Mom?  A Flawed Mom is a mother who has imperfections and burdens.  A Flawed Mom is a mother who has a past that does not define her current and future life.  A Flawed Mom is every mother around us.

Flawed Mom Too is a page-turner that will inspire every woman who has made a choice to live better.  The author and co-authors have created a rich, moving and unforgettable portrait of what it means to be a Flawed Mom.

Amber Farrar is also the author of the book Flawed Mom.  She lives in Houston with her husband and five children and is currently developing other projects.  Amber can be reached at info.amberfarrar@gmail.com.  Visit the author at www.amberfarrar.com.