Girls Who Inspire

Being able to celebrate a victory without shade would be too much like right. On Saturday afternoon- Instead of cheering on 20 year old Naomi Osaka, for her victory against and 37 year old Serena Williams, the crowd was booing loudly at a battle between Serena and an umpire. Naomi has dreamed of playing Serena since third grade, and describes the four-time Olympic gold medalist as her idol. The two have played each other before but Naomi stated there was something different about the way she felt this time. She says "I didn't see Serena, I just saw another player".

The umpire called a series of violations against Williams, ultimately resulting in a game penalty at a crucial moment in the final of a grand slam. After the match at her press conference, Serena stated that she felt the punishment was “sexist” and that she had been punished more harshly than male players. Serena ended her post-game press conference by saying, “I’m going to continue to fight for women.

Sexism is real, even at sports highest levels. I only wish that Naomi had as much support for her victory as Serena did with the unfortunate situation that happened to her. I appreciate Serena being a voice, because girls really need that but when will we highlight positive more than negative? I love Serena more after seeing her uplift confused Naomi after their crowds reaction. When you have the platform to be seen and heard use it!